Competition Entries

The Guests

... looking for liberty, equality, fraternity.

Time Capsule: Arc de Triomphe

The lights flickering down below,
As night fell and the city awoke,
Fast pace of life shown by moving lights
Each person a speck caught in the bustle

To be blithe

Let’s hold each other’s broken selves tightly,
for thee to be safe
in my arms,
my abode.

You're flying, but where to?

A flutter, rapid but subtle, propels you into flight. Set in motion...

Beauty can be seen

When searching for serenity he looked to the night's sky


we IMAGINE the possibilities are endless...

Winner - Imagine Eavesdropping

a fly on the wall...

Winner - Tonight you will eat at my house

Our table is small, but tonight we will be many

An Outstretched hand

Lebanon, like its neighbouring countries in the Near East, has long responded to the outstretched hands of refugees fleeing war

Winner - For Sami

Your unspoken journey
across continents and oceans.....


I imagine a world that is healing from the Covid-19
Pandemic. Going forward we agree to work
together as one Earth....

Lift Despair

Embrace isolation.
Lend your ears
to broken silence,
speak kindly where
there is bitter reproach

If you would like to support Refugee Support Devon - click here

Competition run by Liz Oxburgh to raise awareness of Refuge Support Devon, charity No 1143884, 17 St Davids Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG

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