Beauty can be seen

Entry 10

Beauty can be seen in all aspects of life. It is omnipresent, yet not always apparent. The view of this world that one wishes to take can skew their perception of this; if life were perceived through rose coloured spectacles, rather than the dim lenses that portray the reality that we have come to know, everything would be beautiful. Now I am highly aware of how sceptical my previous statement must appear, but in light of my current emotions I cannot help but to seem somewhat bitter. And with regret, my mind ponders the fact that people are inadvertently the best and worst thing about this world.
When searching for serenity he looked to the night’s sky; the way in which the stars lay contrastingly had always intrigued him. And whilst the black hue sometimes mirrored his state of mind, the starlight, shimmering in graceful rebellion despite the shrouding darkness, reminded him that he should not relinquish hope. It reminded him that in the face of adversity he should stay resilient.

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