Time Capsule: Arc de Triomphe


She felt it,
The crisp wind brushing her face
Hair dancing in the draft left in its wake
The cold stone under her palm,
Marking the boundary at the top of the Arc

She saw it,
The lights flickering down below,
As night fell and the city awoke,
Fast pace of life shown by moving lights
Each person a speck caught in the bustle

A memory preserved in that moment
Like a time capsule to be treasured
Yet her time was the dream of another
A wish granted from five decades before…

A boy,
Teeming with excitement
Whilst approaching the fabled border
The city beneath him in full illumination
He stood, bewildered by its beauty

He pictured it,
His life before him
A graceful progression of time
Holding collections of precious moments
Shared between loved ones and passions alike

Yet would he imagine that his daughter
After half a century had passed
Would stand in the same position
Pondering the same questions that he had asked?

Two time capsules capturing two moments
Parallel in space yet separated in time
Synonymous feelings of love and wonder
Yet forever preserved in different times

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