Two Sisters


One day Big Sister hears Little Sister say – Climb to the top of the Mountain! Big Sister says - No mountains here, too far, too high, too small….

But Little Sister sticks out her bottom lip and packs her bag. The next day, Little Sister sets off and Responsible Big Sister runs after her to keep An Eye!

After many adventures – Storms, Spiders, Snakes, Sunburn etc, they arrive at the top of the Mountain.

Hmm, said Little Sister and starts back Home.

After many adventures – Torrents, Tigers, Treacherous Trees, Twitchers, etc they arrive Home.

On the door is a map and a note – Gone to Seaside, Come to Us!

Big Sister says - Don’t Cry Little Sister, let’s go…

After many adventures – Cats, Chilblains, Caterpillars, Curtains, etc they find their New Home.

Everyone is happy to be living together again – but Big Sister thinks Old Home is better than New Home – and who knows what Little Sister thinks.

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