Winner - Imagine Eavesdropping


While Boris and Cummings
play mind games at Number 10
they notice a fly on the wall
could it be eavesdropping
thoughts turn to previous brainstorms
castles in the air
either to be aggrandized
or tilted at Don Quixote-like
when undermining the dreams of others
certainly made their eaves drop
talking of castles
one can always
escape to the country
to one’s castle and cottages
perish the thought that
the little matter of permission
has been overlooked
remember we are here to make the rules
and rules are made to be broken
perhaps swot-up on planning regs
the mere mention of swotting
and the fly flees
one could literally be left with one’s pile
where the eaves have indeed dropped
into rubble and dust
do you see what I mean
not really
give me a few hours
and I will go for a drive
and test my eyesight
well we are in a pretty little pickle
going back
to the beginning of time
could Eve
ever have imagined such a thing

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